Waka Takahashi is a Japanese designer based in 3 global cities. Tokyo, Milan, and New York.

Born in 1991, she spends her childhood in Tokyo and Lugano, Switzerland. 

She moves to New York City in 2009 and graduates with a Fashion Design degree from Parsons The New School for Design. With her passion for creating refined leather product, she starts visiting and helping makers in Italy to learn about developments while she was a student.

After graduating, She had continuous desire of learning not only for designing and developments. She starts working for several projects and brands to learn different perspective of approach and strategies, which inspires greatly to her current creative work style.

With her passionate and experimental mind, she continued exploring makers and luxury crafts in Italy while she was on multiple projects.


Her mission is to preserve disappearing luxury heritage and makers with refined, yet spontaneous design to offer a true, promising product.

Now, she works between her hometown Tokyo, New York, and Milan for luxury crafts.